Leoline are one of the worlds largest collections of quality Vinyl Flooring, with 10 different ranges available, each with at least 10 different colours / designs there is sure to be something which caters to your taste.

Perfect for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Living Room, Hallways and generally absolutely anywhere you would like to put them, they are hard wearing, great quality products from a reputable company.

With a minimum wear warranty of 10 years, scaling up to 15 depending on which range, these are all very heavy duty products.

With the exception of the Fantasia Range (R9), all Lino Flooring products by Leoline come with an R10 slip resistance and also come with a variety of extra features, these differ depending on each range.

A quick run down of some of the Extra Features from Leoline include the following listed below, to see what feature your range has browse to that range and see the description:

Power Back - Excellent impact resistance, reducing high-heel indentation

PU Superguard - Protection against dirt, stains and scuff marks Leoline Vinyl Flooring

Luxatex - Easier fitting, enegery conservation and better sound insulation

Compact Back - Excellent insulation and noise reduction

Thermo Back - Underfoot comfort and warmth

Castor Chair Tested - Suitable for office used

Super Acoustic - Increased sound insulation