Artificial Grass and Astroturf

Artificial Grass is taking the UK by storm, and now thanks to our friends at we are supplying their products - with 12 ranges from the basic astro turf to the more luxurious 40mm thick ultra soft products, we are sure we will have something which takes your fancy.

Samples can be requested of the products so you can see them first before you buy.

If you have any questions or queries about the products then do not hesitate to contact us - we are artificial grass and astro turf specialists

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Grenada Artificial Grass

For anybody looking for a realistic appearance, hard wearing artificial grass at a great price, this..

£8.99m² Ex VAT: £7.49m²

Toledo Artificial Grass

Toledo Artificial GrassA 20mm product with three different coloured fibers to give the appearance of..

£9.99m² Ex VAT: £8.33m²

Menorca Artificial Grass

Menorca Artificial Grass is a 30mm product, ultra hard wearing and perfect for play areas or heavy t..

£13.99m² Ex VAT: £11.66m²

Vigo Artificial Grass

Vigo is a luxurious grass with 32mm pile height and a beautiful soft feel - Simply ideal for young c..

£15.99m² Ex VAT: £13.33m²

Santander Artificial Grass

Santander Artificial Grass40mm product!For a soft touch and realistic looking artificial grass, the ..

£16.99m² Ex VAT: £14.16m²

Marbella Artificial Grass

Marbella Artificial GrassA Very heard wearing 30mm grass with a lovely finish and fresh vibrant colo..

£17.99m² Ex VAT: £14.99m²

Palma Artificial Grass

Palma Artificial Grass A luxurious with 35mm pile height and beautiful soft feel. Superb value ..

£18.99m² Ex VAT: £15.83m²

Seville Artificial Grass

Seville Artificial GrassThis is a soft, spongey, dense artificial grass that looks like a perfectly ..

£19.99m² Ex VAT: £16.66m²

Barcelona Artificial Grass

Barcelona Artificial Grass This is a great grass which combines luxurious pile height with good..

£20.99m² Ex VAT: £17.49m²

Valencia Artificial Grass

Valencia Artificial GrassOur Rome range of artificial grass is a lovely soft product with a deep 40m..

£21.99m² Ex VAT: £18.33m²

Madrid Artificial Grass

Madrid Artificial Grass Ultra soft and extra thick; that's Madrid. A lovely grass for all applicatio..

£22.99m² Ex VAT: £19.16m²

El Clasico Artificial Grass

El Clasico Artificial Grass is a 40mm product, A deep dark luxurious colour green, soft to touch and..

£23.99m² Ex VAT: £19.99m²